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Steve Green says his last album, Somewhere Between, included “songs that were meant to be a companion to people going through real difficulty.” And though he received a great deal of mail from listeners thanking him for making that album, Green said it was “not something you’d play while cleaning the house … not happy-clappy music."

“One of the courses at my church is on ‘son-ship,’ a class for those of us who tend to act more like orphans than sons,” Green said. “In the class, they say that for everyone look you take at yourself and your sin, take 100 looks at Christ—and that’s this project.”

Always: Songs of Worship has 11 tracks— four of which are new songs, the other seven, familiar praise & worship tunes. Green said he chose the songs for the album only after living with them first. In fact, he and his wife, Marijean, would play various worship CDs around the house until certain songs “became very personal.”

“We really love the songs (we’ve chosen for this album),” Green said. “Maybe because of that, this will be something authentic and genuine—the hope is always that.”


  1. I Will Bless The Lord
  2. Indescribable
  3. Majesty (Here I Am)
  4. Out of Ashes
  5. I Wait
  6. I Will Offer Up My Life
  7. Glory
  8. Always
  9. Worthy Is The Lamb
  10. In Christ Alone
  11. Father, Hear Your Children
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